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CHEMOTHERAPY Thirteen drugs are used in chemotherapy and their consequent side effects (as listed in the drugs package inserts for physicians), which include: destruction of the immune system, leukopenia, hemorrhage, gonadal suppression, bone marrow depression, phlebosclerosis (hardening of the veins), severe cellulites, vesication(blistering), tissue necrosis(death), fever, chills, nausea, prolonged vomiting, partial or total hair loss, lethargy, disorientation, ataxis(inability to coordinate muscle movements), dysarthria( impaired speech), anorexia, entertitis, stomatitis, erythema, (morbid redness of the skin), anemia, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, and death

For decades there has been a great deal of controversy within the medical community over what kind of medical treatment is most efficacious in treating cancer. Latest findings reveal all conventional medical treatment for cancer is not helpful. The late Dr. Hardin B. Jones, Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkeley, California, made a study lasting 25 years of the lifespan of cancer patients, and concluded that untreated patients do not die sooner than patients receiving orthodox treatment, (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy), and in many cases they lived longer. After almost 40 years as a cancer researcher, Dr. Jones found for example that survival in breast cancer is four times longer without conventional treatment. He stated, “People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years. Those who accepted other kinds of treatment lived on an average of only 3 years.” It is important to note that no refutations of Dr. Jones work have appeared, while on the other hand, his studies have been supported by other researchers, as a search of the Science Citation Index reveals.

Even the Journal of the American Medical Association took note of the phenomenon when, in its diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by Dr. Maurice Fox, a biologist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On the basis of studies carried out at the Harvard School of Public health, Dr. Fox found, among other things, that: Those who refused medical procedures had a lower mortality rate than those who submitted.

I have had many persons over the years who have had cancer and have come to my clinic and were told they had just a short time to live. Many had gone through the regular cancer treatments of radiation, chemo and surgery, but they were not healed.

I put them on this special program at my clinic using many simple natural things that you are about to read about on this website. If you or a loved one has cancer I strongly advise you to faithfully follow what I have outlined here and you will see improvement in less then two weeks. If your cancer is in an advanced stage you also will see improvement.

Why am I doing a website? Because I want to help those who are sick. I believe that since God created us, he knows what is best for us to use when we are sick. God’s medicine is the herb of the field and not chemical drugs.

It is so sad for me to see thousands of people with cancer going through conventional treatments that do not work. I want to get these simple treatments out to the world, so I have decided to try it through the internet.


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I have been involved in nutrition and food for over 18 years.

I can help you cure your own illnesses by directing you to the correct information (i am not giving you medical advice) via books and DVD's. But if you need that extra personal support we can help by showing  how to juice properly, use water filter, create a food protocol just for you, showing you what food helps you and which foods are like toxins to your body. Please contact us for the personal touch.

We will ask you a few questions that will help both of us immensely.

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